Spring Break Safari

by Mindy Lockard on March 24, 2009

For those who missed yesterday’s post and don’t want to scroll down… We are giving away our Bedtime Book Review book, Buster’s Ride, to a lucky reader (at random) who comments on the fun they are experiencing or have planned for Spring Break! Since we are currently enjoying our Spring Break in-town, I thought I would share my story…

Today the girls and I, along with my dear friend Stephanie, traveled 60 miles south to the Wild Animal Park, Wildlife Safari.

It was one of those magic mommy days: the girls giggled with each other in the car, they listened well and were gracious with each other-outside of one or two competitive moments about the number of animals on the respective sides of the car.

We also enjoyed pretending to be safari photographers…



 My turn behind the lens & and loving my subject… 






Stephanie’s artistic eye!  I love this picture and can’t wait to do something fun and fabulous with it! She’s very talented!





Elle’s view of a herd of…some sort of goat…Official name Gemsbok and a Zebra-we had to refer to the map for the official name Gemsbok. You would too, right?



 Maggie’s turn at the camera. She named this Elephant bubbles!



I came home glowing as I loved spending uninterrupted time with my children and catching up with a close friend.


My childhood dream was to be a mom. Days like today remind me that when I take a step back from the details of life and look at what really matters…

My dreams have come true!

Tell us your story or see below for others…

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