Spring Sweep: Clutter Here We Come!

by Mindy Lockard on April 19, 2009

We thought you might like a sneak peak at this month’s issue of ManneroftheMonth.com (posted April 15 to May 14)


What is Spring Sweep?  Spring Sweep is a monthlong organizing process:

  1. Week 1 decluttering,
  2. Week 2  going deeper into organizing,
  3. Week 3 deep cleaning during week
  4. Week 4 delighting in gracious living (developing systems for correspondence and gift giving)

What does Spring Sweep have to do with manners?  Order is one of the first steps to enjoying life and living graciously. Even though everyone requires and maintains different levels of order, our research shows that most people desire it. When we have our lives in order, we are able to present ourselves in a mannerly way and have the mental and physical time to be gracious with others. We polled our readership last month (for more on our poll) and learned that over 80% of those who took the poll feel much better when their lives are in order!

What Spring Sweep is not: Spring Sweep is not a contest. We are not out to win anything but the systems for gracious living. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. This is just a quick and easy process to get the ball rolling—and in no way intended to make you feel as though you are adding another ball to all you are already juggling.

end of excerpt…

On a persaonl note…  Tonight the Lockard family will begin our sweeping with week one: declutter.  To get everyone involved, last Saturday at lunch our family filled out the home inventory sheet and calendar (both downloads are available in this month’s issue). 

First we started by going around the table and took turns adding rooms in our home to the list. 

inventory1Maggie: The Food Room (a.k.a. kitchen)

Daddy: The Main Bathroom

Elle: The Play Room

Me: Living Room


…and round and round we went until we had listed all of the rooms in our home on the Home Inventory Sheet.

The next step was to prioritize the rooms by importance. 

Ty had a great Spring Sweep question, “Do we prioritize the rooms by the most used or the most disorganized?”  For us, the answer is both.  Although the master bedroom isn’t the room we spend the most amount of time in, it is the room that sets the tone for our day.  Therefore our Master Bedroom is a top 5 focus areas.

Once we prioritized our inventory we took the top five rooms and added them to the calendar (available in this month’s issue) for our upcoming week.  

Tonight we’ll start on our Living Room, the first room on our schedule… which reminds me, I need to pick-up organizing bins at Target and print off the signs (also available in this issue) that attach to them – fyi, the bins will be used during the de-clutter and deep organize weeks to help us organize the clutter as we collect it.  I literally feel a weight lifting as I type on the subject of de-cluttering…watch out plastic party favors and piles of paper your days are numbered!

This post is simply the surface of Spring Sweep.  For the entire issue  join today  or if you’re a member you may login here .  Happy Sweeping!

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