Stepping Out in Your Patriotic Best: Flag Etiquette

by Mindy Lockard on July 3, 2012

A Gracious Girl always steps out ready to display her patriotic best and show respect for her country.


U.S. Flag Dos and Taboos

At a Party

U.S. Flag Taboos –

don’t use as…

  • a table cover.
  • to cover speakers.
  • draping a platform (use bunting).
  • container to hold or carry anything.
  • part of a costume or clothing.

U.S Flag Dos

  • Display in a prominent area.
  • When hanging against a wall: vertically or horizontally the union (stars) should be at your top left


U.S. Flag Taboos

  • When carrying the flag don’t let it touch the ground.
  • Should not be used as decoration on a float.
  • Never display on a vehicle or hood of a car.

U.S. Flag Dos

  • Salute (sounds funny, but true) every U.S. flag in a parade.
  • Carry the flag with pride.
  • Carry the flag in front or above all other flags.
  • Should be flown from a staff or hung (vertically or horizontally the union (stars)  should be at your top left) so that it can freely fall.

Other Courtesies to Keep in Mind

  • No mattter how big or small the U.S. flag should always be hung from a staff or suspended, so that it falls free.
  • Treat the flag with care.
  • Be mindful to not let the flag touch the ground or water what ever it is hung above.
  • Mend the flag when it is worn or tattered.
  • When the flag is too damaged to represent our country well it should be taken care of in a dignified manner: primarily burning.
  • Pass on a legacy of respect for our nation’s symbol by talking with your children about why we respect the flag.  By sharing some of these quick etiquettes they will know how to respect a flag that stand for freedom; a freedom we so freely enjoy!

Wishing our U.S. friends a safe and most gracious 4th of July!!!

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