Take to the Table Tuesday: Tackling the Monster Burger

by Mindy Lockard on June 14, 2011

Yesterday, I taped a segment for Fox 12 Oregon that will air on the Fourth of July.

You should tune in, it’s a yummy one.


The topic?  Tricky BBQ fare. You know burgers, ribs, corn, skewers etc.  So, while I have the monster on my mind and with the grilling season heating up,

let’s talk Monster Burger.

You’ve met the Monster Burger, I’m sure.  It’s big, it’s juicy and if you’re not careful you will be wearing it on first contact.


So to save you from scaring off other’s by wearing the monster or looking like one while eating it.  We’ve all seen the monster attack… scary.

Here’s my solution, well actually it’s four: cut your burger into quarters.


Taking the scare out by giving you an edge — or should I say wedge?


Easy and not messy at all.  Okay, less messy. I’ll show you, by taking a bite.  Really, it’s the least I can do.


The beauty of the small wedge-bite is that you control your burger.

Your burger doesn’t control you.

Happy Grilling Season Gracious Girls!

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Lady 06.14.11 at 5:40 pm

If you can share your video via youtube let us know!

Ridgely's Radar 06.20.11 at 10:42 am

If only my kids would do as you say! A mess all over the place!

Mindy Lockard 06.20.11 at 2:31 pm

Oh yes, the mess. We’re working hard to keep it under control… sometimes Polly Pocket has other plans for our house! Good luck Ridgely!

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