Tailgate Etiquette

by Mindy Lockard on October 12, 2011

Football anyone?

Since marrying Ty nearly 14 years ago, I’ve learned to make football season fun by making it one big party!  So let’s talk about this party, especially the ones that are set in a parking lot aka tailgating. Manners aren’t just something we turn off on Saturday and back on just in time for church on Sunday.  They are best when used in all situations… because things can go south really fast: chest bumping, over drinking, words that come in four lettered packages and lets not forget the body gestures…

It can be primal folks!

So to keep our gracious game day on – that’s right, I used gracious and game day in the same sentence – here are a few suggestions from your friendly neighborhood Gracious Girl.

Oh, and please don’t let the amount of green and yellow distract you. Just imagine your colors here…

Photo source: Pinterest 5minutesjustforme.tumblr.com

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Mrs Pop 10.13.11 at 5:59 am

It is very interesting to see how things are done in other parts of the world. Down here in Austin, there isn’t just one tailgate lot and a lot of the tailgates have corporate alcohol sponsorships. The rules we follow are pretty simple:
1) If you’re a visitor, don’t come empty-handed. The people work very hard to pick up the alcohol, pay for the spaces at the lots, and cook the food. It is always good form to find the folks who run the tailgate and make a monetary donation. One of our tailgates has a cost of $900 for the parking spaces alone per year.
2) Clean up after yourselves. If you’re planning on coming to the tailgate, plan on throwing away your trash.
3) It doesn’t matter which team you’re cheering to victory on any given Saturday, just WEAR YOUR TEAM COLORS. We welcome everyone who shows school spirit.

Mindy Lockard 10.13.11 at 6:05 am

Yes, it is interesting how different areas tailgate! We also have multiple lots up here and the cost of a tailgate spot is very expensive. I couldn’t agree more about your points… and wearing the colors! Thanks for “Pop’ing” by!

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