Taking our relationship to the next level!

by Mindy Lockard on March 16, 2010

So, I think it’s time we move our relationship to the next level.  Since we’ve been together for some time now, I feel I can now be completely open about a fetish of mine… and I’m leaving town for ten days also making it easy to be totally honest.

So, back to my fetish.  Okay. Are you ready?  I have a thing, and by thing I mean A REAL THING for… organizing supplies. (Gasp!)  Not so much the organization process, just the supplies. Oh it feels good to have that out in the open.  Now, you good earth loving peeps, before you go chaining yourselves to a tree for the love of paper (I live in Oregon, where tree chaining is not as unusual as one might think, neither is walking around topless but that my friends is a topic for another post) I found this darling and earth friendly company  Green Room at Target…

There they are, the darlings! I mean really how could I resist?  They practically leapt into my cart.  True story!


Oh, they make all of the papers that go in our  travel binder that much more attractive… now you see why I have the fetish, no?!


Our travel binder has three folders that I hole punched to make dividers.  I like to do this so I can pull out one folder if necessary and pop it in my handbag. I don’t like to lug, yes lug, an entire binder around if I don’t have to.


 The categories are


In this folder we have:

  • maps
  • travel itenerary
  • ManneroftheMonth.com PDF: Road Trip Star Chart to help us keep the natives from getting restless. We have a fun grab bag to reward good car manners!


And in this folder you’ll find:


And our final file keeps all of our very important, like the roof over our head papers organized…


·       All correspondence with the property rental company

·       Directions

·       Codes

·       Vacation Rental Agreement

·       Concierge Services

·       Hotel Information

This month’s ManneroftheMonth.com is all about travel which is perfect timing for our binder. Here’s an example of a couple of ManneroftheMonth.com’s downloads.  Aren’t they handy!  I just love them.

Just so you don’t get to the end of the week and wish you had done that thing you were looking forward to doing, it’s helpful to map out your plans.  And no this doesn’t mean you will not be relaxing. Because I plan to do more relaxing than anything else.


To help keep the kids on the straight and mannerly we are helping them with this star chart.  The best thing about this chart is it provides the opportunity as parents to discuss what’s expected.   


Well there you have it fetish and all!  Thanks for being so great about it and if you want to join us for the full monte… or should I say the full manner you can pick up an issue here for subscribers or here to join! 

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Day One! 16 hours 800ish miles
03.18.10 at 11:08 pm

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Natalie Sutton 03.17.10 at 6:12 am

Well first off I will be headed to target. Nothing better them the smell of organization! I am also loading up my car and my three kids and headed to LA! If I see you and Liz I will honk! I already have the starbucks mapped out. Happy travels. Nat

Preppy 101 03.17.10 at 6:24 am

Apparently I have a sister that I never knew about – You. Albeit quite a bit younger than I, it has to be. I adore school supplies, organizational tools, supplies, etc.
I just sent my daughter 3 boxes of vintage desk | office supplies to decorate her office at her new job!! 🙂 Tell me, do you love that?
I thought so. 🙂
Have a great trip!!

Mindy Lockard 03.17.10 at 6:31 am

Natalie, it’s so fun to see you here! You know you may just see us at Starbucks… that’s another issue of mine. Please do honk and drive safe. Hello, sunshine!

Mindy Lockard 03.17.10 at 6:54 am

Um yes, I do love it! LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by Preppy Sister!

Lara Rear 03.17.10 at 2:41 pm

Oh my gosh Mindy,
This is all so timely for us too! We are road tripping next week as well and I am going to copy all of this tomorrow. We also had each child (or young adult) write a paragraph about something they want to do or see on the trip. It was cute to see how they turned out. Mary Beth wants to go to the museum in SF, Gloria wants to go to a swimming pool and Alice wants to shop for a prom dress (yeah right with brothers and sisters in tow?). So, I am going to make a page in the book with the paragraphs they wrote. Gloria is supposed to keep a diary for school, so this will be perfect for her. We are also giving each kiddo an alloted “allowance” for the trip to spend however they wish. I can’t wait to see how that goes. (My bet is that Mary Beth will save it all and Hayden will end up buying treats to eat)
This was such a perfect article! Thank you thank you!
Happy travels,

Mindy Lockard 03.17.10 at 4:39 pm

I love that you are using the ManneroftheMonth downloads. We would love any feedback you have about how they work for you! I’m using them and love them so far! Wishing you safe travels, enjoy that great city!

Elizabeth Howard 03.17.10 at 5:05 pm

Well, we all have our fetishes! I hope you all have a wonderful trip. Can’t wait for a recap when you return. Travel safely!


Michelle@Everyday Celebrating 03.19.10 at 6:52 am

oh how I love you! What a great post!
I love supplies too. It’s actually an addiction where they just pile up in my closet and lots of times go unused. [blush] I have that green/white pattern in the binder. Actually got it at goodwill! LOVE IT! Wish I had a handbag out of that pattern.

Anyway… LOVE the system!!!

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