Tales from the Sweep!

by Mindy Lockard on April 22, 2009


I’d like to introduce one of ManneroftheMonth‘s fabulous subscribers, Liesel Brooks!  As our subscribers know, quality introductions aren’t just about just giving a name they also include a bit about the person (helps the conversation)… Liesel is mother to four, has the singing voice of an angel, sense of humor that makes you roll on the floor with laughter, spirit that inspires both the mind and soul, and really knows her way around the kitchen!  I am blessed to have her on our ManneroftheMonth.com team and to call her friend!  Liesel will be joining us for the next couple of weeks to share her personal experiences with Spring Sweep (what’s Spring Sweep?

me-and-the-girlies1Okay, so I’m just going to keep my head held high and assume that I’m not the only one who is so far behind in this task and have faith that all of the great tips and all the great tools will bring my little household back together again. This is the mindset in which I begin my task of performing a “Spring Sweep”. 


In a sense, it’s the perfect project for me because I’m the girl who loves to organize to organize. Follow-through on that organizing hasn’t always been my strong suit. Should I die tomorrow, everyone will know exactly the order I thought my life should have had because it is spelled out in a trail of lists, organization books, stacked canvas boxes in the corner, and many other ‘organize to organize’ tools. I loved this issue of Manner of the Month for two reasons: 1. I get a cute notebook and can make lists before beginning…sign me up! 2. There are really simple follow-thru tips that are easy to take action on. I don’t have to sort my garage and dump it in piles in my front yard for my neighbors to see, or ask Oprah to send her “Hoarder Coach” over to walk me through this.


liesel1We decided to start with our master first. For us, that means master bedroom, both parents’ home offices, private porch for my husband and me, master bath and master closet…basically, it’s the place that we’ll eventually padlock and call our apartment when the children finally overtake us. In the spirit of handling such a major room at once I had to keep in mind my reasoning for choosing it. I chose this room because it is “our” center. Between my husband, and me this is where it all goes down! We shower, get dressed, check email, argue about soccer practice and vegetables being important…this is our hub. My husband starts and finishes his workday here. I start and finish everything that I do here, and we meet for our first quiet conversation of the day here, every evening. If we are in disarray here, we are in disarray everywhere. And, folks, we are in disarray here! This is a picture of one corner of the room where you can see the remnants of 6 different started and not finished projects. I can’t wait to dig in with the help of ManneroftheMonth’s Spring Sweep and make this a peaceful retreat again.


For more on Liesel’s freelance writing, contact her directly at lieselbrooks@comcast.net or on twitter @familyrelish.


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Carey Sue 05.06.09 at 5:58 pm

Congrats on your web launch today!!! Which etiquette book was on the top of the stack, right next to your computer, in your video? I collect etiquette books as well and don’t recognize that one. Any other ‘unique’ ones that you can recommend? One of my favorites is “The Rituals of Dinner” by Margaret Visser.

Carey Sue

ALEYNA 06.21.12 at 12:21 pm

Hi Mindy, Love all your spring goeidos. I know been putting out a few things myself, don’t usually start until march, but the snowmen had to go and in hopped the bunnies. My flowers are emerging in my flower beds, yes getting spring fever really bad. Thanks for sharing your spouts of spring decorating. Vicky

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