Talkin’ to Teens!

by Mindy Lockard on February 2, 2011

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of high school seniors.


Roughly, 300.  Give or take a few.

The topic? Personal branding.  One very important aspect of how they brand themselves has to do with how they “spark” up conversation.

And by spark, I don’t mean



or give one word.

We’re talkin’ actually talkin’!  I encourage them to practice engaging in conversation by talking with their parents and their friends’ parents. It’s simply getting used to making adult conversation, which I think we can all agree is hard; even for adults.

Helping our teens, or even children for that matter, learn how to engage in thoughtful conversation is a most important lifeskill; a gift that will keep on giving. So how can we help?

The best way to teach a child or teen how to have a conversation is to simply have one, two or ten conversations.

So, calling all of you adults out there: When a teen in your life is in your presence and isn’t talking to you, talk to them.  Ask them questions, questions and more questions.  AND, when they get up the nerve to ask you a question, please, please, PLEASE be thoughtful, engaging and, most importantly, present.  What you say will not just be a short moment in time, but the keys to a skill that will last them a lifetime.

Happy talking, Gracious Girls and Guys!

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Happy Cook 02.02.11 at 10:07 pm

I am glad that my teen daughter well she is 18 talks and talks 🙂 about everything , like what happend in her school, or what went wrong etc…sometimes i think it is parents who dont have time to listen to kids than viseversa. I know from some of my friends that they hardly every see their kids, as they all are so busy kids and parents with their life. They dont even have time to have a meal together.
One time I think when there is lot of concersation going on is at the table, atleast in my home it is like that. And we have three meals together ( Iam lucky that her school was close by and she came home for lunch) but now sheis in college , she is only home on weekends which hubby and I so lookforward to have her and hear all the things going in her life and around, and she even skype to say all the gossip from her place in the evening 🙂

Mindy Lockard 02.06.11 at 10:12 pm

I love it! I hope that our girls will talk to us like your daughter talks to you. It sounds like you’ve done a fantastic job making your home an easy place for her to share with you.

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