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by Mindy Lockard on November 7, 2020

Leadership in-a-box Thanksgiving Dining from Mindy Lockard Leadership on Vimeo.

Gobble Gobble, it’s almost time for Thanksgiving Dinner! This fun and interactive Leadership in-a-box is designed to help kids / tweens explore important interpersonal dining habit and confidence in a fun and interactive way. Each box comes complete with 6 quick and easy dining videos + hands-on activity to help bring the DINING POWER SKILLS to life and reinforce the skills for longevity. Not only will kids / teens learn skills for the upcoming Holiday Season, but might also teach the entire family a skill or two! The boxes will arrive early in the week of Thanksgiving.

Buy the box or send it as a gift!

Last day to purchase a box for week of Thanksgiving 11/19.

What’s in the BOX?
POWER SKILL ONE: Setting the Table
POWER SKILL THREE: Drink + Toasting
POWER SKILL FOUR: Sparking Curious Conversations
POWER SKILL FIVE: Styles of Dining

What’s in the BOX?
– Workbook
– Ball Point Pen
– Color Markers
– Plate
– Napkin
– 1 Spoons
– 1 Forks
– 1 Knife
– 1 Plastic Glass and Toasting Exercise
– Napkin
– Table Talk Cards to Spark Fun Family Conversations
– 6 Place Setting Cards
– 4 Small Table-Setting Diagrams
– Family Menu Cards
– Thanksgiving Family Conversation Guide

Buy the box or send it as a gift!

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