To market, to market…

by Mindy Lockard on April 19, 2010

I’m a bit crazy about the food I feed my children.  Yell, at my TV during Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, crazy.  In my own defense Your Honor, I don’t believe the French fry is a veggie.  At least not the kind of veggie I get at the Farmers’ Market.  I have yet to see the crinkle cut between the kale and the chard. You?

I mean You, Your Honor?


Moving on, and back to the veggies.  One of my most favorite aspects of the spring and summer is our local Farmers’ Market.  Oh the colors, the dirt still on the carrots, the smells, the textures. What I love most, is the experience of having my little sidekicks with me…

Okay, the truth be told, what I love most is the idea of taking the sidekicks. Because there have been times where I’ve found the Farmers’ Market juggle of two market lovin’ girls, a most important cup of coffee and an armful of veggies I can’t live without to be a bit difficult. 

My middle school P.E. teacher can attest to my juggling skills based on my 7th grade performance with scarves. Not pretty.

I should say this was my dilemma until this little darling French basket came rolling into my life…  


I love this sweet little French Market basket on wheels as it allows me to shop at will, have hands free to engage the sidekicks, and enjoy my morning coffee. 


Have I said I love it?  Well I do. I L.O.V.E it!


  And yes, Elle and Maggie, that means I would marry it. 

That is if I wasn’t already totally in love and married to your father… you know?! 

Do you have a Farmers’ Market tip or two to share?

Don’t be shy, we’re all ears.

Note: If you are in the market for a rolling basket I’ve found a beautiful site that carries well crafted baskets, they are an investment but well worth it.  I’ve done a lot of research on the rolling French Market Basket and many of the companies (including where I bought mine) have discontinued them.   

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Jennifer McIntyre @atthebluebarn 04.27.10 at 5:45 am

oh geez . . thanks Mindy. Now i need the pink one:

Mindy Lockard 04.27.10 at 6:04 am

So sorry, Jennifer! Aren’t they lovely though?

Emily Olson 04.27.10 at 10:14 am

I went to the Portland Farmers Market by PSU this weekend and loved it. I’ve heard through the grape vine that the farmers market in Hillsdale ( is amazing. I will check it out this weekend and let you know what I think 🙂 I just love buying fresh veggies from local farmers!

Jennifer McIntyre @atthebluebarn 04.27.10 at 10:26 am

beyond lovely!!! and the blog doesn’t help either . . cute basket bag ideas, chic fashions, adorable ballet flats that match. i live in the wrong town. . .i have your market basket btw. . william,jr picked it at tag sale a few years ago. . we keep hockey sticks in it. . . really, we do. but on wednesdays, it does go to the farmer’s market with us!!

One of my chickies got her foot caught in the chicken wire and tried to scramble. in the process she lost parts of her toes. oh woe is me and the chickens! luckily she is one of the Buff Brahmas so her toes are covered in feathers. Let’s hope she’s right-footed!!

are you taking notes?

Mindy Lockard 04.27.10 at 12:39 pm

Please do let me know Emily! My sister lives near there and I’d love to swing by when we are in town. Lake Oswego has a market that’s wonderful too… right on the lake.

Emily Olson 04.28.10 at 9:35 am

I will have to check out the Lake Oswego one also!

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