Traveling? Don’t forget to pack your manners…

by Mindy Lockard on March 20, 2009


With Spring Break just around the corner… here are a few tips from this month’s issue of  Looking at Lodging


“Planning ahead helps us find the proper place to stay and make sure our manners are ready to display. Let’s be honest: when we prepare to travel alone or with family, we are more focused on socks and underwear than the rules of etiquette, but knowing what to do can make a nice getaway fabulous!


In her book Letitia Baldridge’s New Manners for New Times, Ms. Baldridge writes: “Hotel behavior says a lot about a person, such as whether she is a class act. It is readily apparent from the time of the check-in process.” Staying away from home can cause us to feel a bit of anonymity and, therefore, is a true test of how we treat others when our reputation has nothing to gain or lose. Whether we are staying in a large glamorous hotel or someone’s home, our manners are important from check-in to check-out.” March 2009, Manner of the Month


Five Quick Tips:

  1. Always tip accordingly
  2. Be patient with Lodging Staff…demanding is never mannerly
  3. Talk with your children about Hotel or Home Stay Rules
  4. When staying in a home: A hostess gift is for the invitation and thank-you letter for the stay
  5. When traveling on business don’t forget the business you represent

Downloadable Resources in the Issue:

  1. Tipping Guide
  2. Good Behavior Chart
  3. Travel Flash Cards

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