Tuesday’s Tip: Good-Bye Last Minute Birthday Dash!

by Mindy Lockard on May 12, 2009


Have you ever found yourself in a store racing against the clock looking for a birthday gift only to grab the first semi decent item and gift bag with tissue within your reach?  As Michael Jackson said it best, “You are not alone…” If we aren’t proactive with tracking birthdays we will find ourselves gifting a gift that is less about the person and more about the act of giving – not to mention it’s usually costs twice as much.

This month’s issue of Manner of the Month looks at developing gracious living systems such as thank-you notes, gift wrap, hostess gifts and birthday tracking. The need for a birthday tracking system was at the top of my Gracious Correspondence Inventory Sheet (download on ManneroftheMonth.com) as I tend to be more reactive to birthdays than proactive.

I was so pleased to stumble across “Birthdays” a gracious living gem while shopping at a local stationery boutique. 

birthday-tracking-system-ii-001Birthdays Includes:

  1. Jacket with a magnetic clasp
  2. Pocket for birthday book
  3. Birthday book: dates to remember year after year.
  4. Envelope of 12 birthday cards and envelopes

This little kit fits nicely on a bookshelf or in a desk drawer and will be there month after month, year after year helping to keep the act of celebrating birthdays proactive and cost effective! 

Do you track birthdays?  If so, we’d love to hear your system.

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