Tuesday’s Spring Sweep Tip: Tackling What’s Behind Closed Doors

by Mindy Lockard on April 28, 2009


This week’s Spring Sweep (what’s Spring Sweep?) is getting down and dirty with what’s looming behind closed doors…  


Begin the organization process by breaking down the rooms and areas in the rooms that you want to organize. Take one cupboard or drawer at a time and use the check off system to celebrate your accomplishments! ManneroftheMonth.com subscribers don’t forget that the Organizational Inventory Sheet is designed to help you prioritize making organizational process less overwhelming.

On a Personal Note

In our home one of our top priorities is our game cupboard.  This particular cupboard is located in a very visible and accessible location.  In fact, I’ve been known to race small children -practically hurdling over furniture – hoping to get to the cupboard before they have a chance to open it.  My speed and determination is for two reasons 1. I’m afraid for their safety and 2. out of sheer pride that our guest would see the complete disorder of this particular cupboard.

Trying to outrun or outsmart a guest so they don’t see our disorder makes for a very stressful hostess and uncomfortable guest.  Deep organization isn’t just limited to our guest’s experience in our home, our family will also benefit from the order too.  How many times have we spent the morning looking for a shoe only to be five minutes late to school or intended to send out a thank-you note on time but come up one stamp short?  

Join us in our Spring Sweep process as we organize our way to gracious living!

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