Tuesday’s Tip: Tales from the Sweep Part II

by Mindy Lockard on May 5, 2009



ManneroftheMonth.com members are still sweeping. Liesel Brooks has joined us again to continue her take on April’s issue Spring Sweep!  Don’t forget tomorrow is ManneroftheMonth.com’s on-line launch party right here on the blog!  We look forward to your visit!


Let’s see, the last time I wrote about my Sweeping escapades I was knee-deep in master bedroom chaos.  It certainly is amazing what a difference a week, a plan, a little follow-through, and some elbow grease can make.  The bedroom is now officially the retreat that we so needed.  I did learn that I needed to customize my Sweep for my rhythm and style. So, I made a few adjustments to my plan as I tackled (okay, still tackling) the rest of the house that I thought I’d share.  


I found that there were many sticking points in the room that easily distracted me. If I found an item that I didn’t have a pile for and didn’t know what to do with, I’d easily waste 15 minutes staring at it scratching my head, and then there was the box of old pictures and journals that I uncovered and got lost in for another hour.  So, tip number one: set aside two “think about it later” (TAIL) hours in your schedule for each area. Every time you find yourself at a sticking point write it down on a TAIL list or put it in the TAIL pile and dig into that stuff in the two hours you’ve prescheduled. This will keep you on track and moving forward, while still addressing the things that come-up that you didn’t plan for.  As an aside, I think I’ll continue scheduling TAIL hours or even minutes in each day or week – it may be just the time I need to bring-up the tail.


me-and-the-girlies1Another tip is take this time to remind your children of what “clean and organized” looks like. If your kids are anything like mine they have a different definition of clean and organized than you do. It’s not enough to just tell them to clean the bathroom.  I wrote a Five Easy Steps to a Clean Bathroom (and happy mom) list and posted it on the inside of the bathroom cupboard door.  Together, the kids and I cleaned according to that plan and revisited what a clean and organized bathroom should look like.  Now, the have a reference in case they forget a step and I have peace of mind knowing that they can be accountable for a clean bathroom now that they know what it is (again). I did this for every chore they are responsible for.  Now, I can scream “and it better shine like the top of the Chrysler building” with confidence!


Join Liesel and other subscribers as we sweep our way to gracious living!

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