Unleash Your Inner Gracious “Fun Mom!”

by Mindy Lockard on February 20, 2014

The magic of getting away as a family is reconnecting. Stepping away from the usual routine and hectic schedules. Making eye contact over long meals and not over math homework. While family vacations are a commitment both in time and money, the memories we create are priceless. Engage in ways we can’t in our every day. If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I’m all about building a gracious and fun life at home. That said, there is something so special and necessary about getting away. And not just for our kids.

As a mom, it’s so easy to get caught-up in the busyness of the day and feel like there is little room for spontaneity and to let our inner “Fun Mom” show her true colors.  Especially when there are meals to be made, one sports shoe to be found, book reports to be creatively displayed on poster board and laundry that well, never ends.

But nothing helps bring out our inner “Fun Mom” out like getting away. Not only is it great for our kids to spend time with “Fun Mom” it’s good for us moms to remember how fun and adventurous we really can be. Can I get an “Amen!”

Our recent trip to Sun Valley was so good for this fun mama’s soul. Perhaps it was the mountain air or the quiet and unassuming nature of the resort. Maybe, it was the rich history and tradition that inspired me. Or the fact that it felt like I’d been swept away to an Austrian Village engaging my inner Maria Von Trapp who was ready to rip down the curtains and make some play clothes. I didn’t of course. Vandalism isn’t considered gracious travel behavior.

My inner fun mom soaked up every moment from…

Family meals together without homework to do or emails to return. Nothing but the moments to enjoy  to sit back in a yurt and be serenaded by an accordion. Talk, ask questions and as Elle said, “I feel like a Princess.”


(Quick snap of me and Elle in the Trail Creek Cabin, in Sun Valley)




Taking in the Fresh air and staring at a sky full of stars on a sleigh ride back from an amazing dinner at Trail Creek Cabin.


Letting your kids see you as a fun and adventurous mom. Trying new things or just remembering how to do old ones.


Soaking up the moments and leaving the world behind and simply just being together…



or enjoying a little friendly family competition.


While all of the amazing fun memories are in our minds, hearts and on my iPhone. There’s something special about journaling the adventures on paper. So that our fun time together, the moments only words can describe, can be remembered for years to come.


Many, many thanks to the SunValley Resort, Ski Idaho and Stevens Williams for this family time and the fun adventure we shared in Sun Valley that this mom and her family will all cherish for years to come.

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