#Workspace Panelist: Devine Color

by Mindy Lockard on April 9, 2014

If anyone knows how to create an inspired #WorkSpace it’s our third #SheafferLiving #WorkSpace panelist Gretchen Schauffler, of @DevineColor. Don’t forget to join us for tonight’s chat (4/10 8PM ET)

Meet @DevineColor.

Devine Color is dedicated to empowering designers and homeowners with luminous, artist-created interior paint colors that enhance any decor style. Creative director Gretchen Schauffler used her background in art therapy and graphic design to found the company out of her home in 1998, developing a curated palette

of trend-proof colors that feel fresh and timeless however they are used. Each radiant hue, created by hand and custom mixed on canvas to achieve the perfect depth and balance, also has a unique light-reflective quality thanks to the company’s exclusive formula. Devine Color is available through select retailers across the U.S., as well as online. As part of the Valspar Corporation, Devine Color benefits from the global footprint as well as research and development capabilities of one of the world’s leading coating manufacturers. Visit www.devinecolor.com for more information.

Devine Color Office 2

What inspires Gretchen’s #WorkSpace? 

My office spaces are truly multi-tasking spaces. They are hubs for leadership, inspiration, and creation. I have split them between two areas of the home to allow me to not only work from home but to make work look and feel like a part of my life, my home, and my rituals.

Instead of cramming it all into one room or space, I have two. In my creative space I use a poker table to work on. I am a big one for having “roundtable” meetings. We can quickly play a game of cards, do quick watercolors, and spread out the work. Plus it’s green, and I love green. I use the back of a vinyl roller shade as a chalkboard to map out agendas or concepts. I have a really cool light hanging over the table.

Devine Color Office 4

My second space is all about the business of Devine Color. It is nestled in the corner of our TV/Family lair, next to the best fireplace in the world. I read, write, and conduct the business of Devine color while the fire is going and a movie is playing.  And of course—have lap top will travel through out the house, often ending up in the kitchen.

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