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Professional Leadership Coach

How Can I Help?

I am passionate about helping others to believe in themselves and to reach their full potential. I do this through a system I call working backwards. Simply put, we start with a goal, and through a collaborative coaching process, pinpoint key social skills that not only help clients to achieve their intended goal, but to establish lifelong social confidences and skills along the way. When you work with me, you will not only gain a coach, but a partner who provides accountability, inspiration, and motivation. 


I provide simple, yet effective roadmaps for establishing respectful and productive relationships between my clients and their families, friends, classmates, teachers, and co-workers. 

Please feel free to reach out using the contact info below, or by filling out the simple form on my Connect page. 


I'm excited to partner with you. 




Mindy Lockard



Phone: 541-915-8655

Instagram: @MindyLockard

Twitter: @Mindy_Lockard

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