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Leadership Academy Week-in-Review November 14th - 18th

'Tis the season to learn some important POWER skills related to dining and prepping for the final weeks of a trimester! We covered all of the above this week.

I started this week in Boise, where I worked with a law firm, who used an etiquette workshop as team-building, and a way to help their partners brush up on key social etiquettes before holiday business-building and networking. I always love working with corporate clients, and when I do, it's an important reminder of how the skills we work on at The Leadership Academy will be used by our students for the rest of their lives. As we head into the holidays, there are many social opportunities for our students to practice and reinforce the skills that build a lifetime of social confidences. Practice, as we know, makes habit!

Wednesday After-School Leadership (6th/7th grade)

We had a much smaller than usual group this week—I hope everyone is on the mend! I loved seeing the boys' table settings this week; it's very sweet to see how you connect as families! If your Leader missed class, please check this week's email for thoughts about a make-up class!

  • Table Setting Review: We started with an interactive review on everything we worked on last class, and it was so fun seeing the boys really get into it, LOL: setting the table, dining basics, napkin etiquettes, and how to correctly hold utensils.

  • Styles of Dining: Next, we worked on etiquettes for dining in courses: toasting, bread, soup, and American & Continental styles of dining.

  • Conversations: Finally we brushed up on the the skills of curiosity as we learn from others—especially the adults in our lives.

Home Habit: This week's Home Habit is to plan to engage with friends and family (adults) at Thanksgiving, and to learn from their stories. I did ask the boys to not use "Tell me about your day" as a conversation starter. I'd love for them to dig a little deeper to learn a little something more about a few friends and family members. They were a little hesitant to put themselves out there, but I have confidence they can do it... keeping in mind that there's a different level of nerves (which read as awkwardness) that boys experience when they are trying to be vulnerable. Have patience as he's trying. :) I'll be sending them a reminder text on the evening before Thanksgiving, just so it's fresh!

Thursday Morning HS Prep (8th grade)

It was a great week of connecting with your students, and I'm loving getting to know them. During this week's class, we continued to explore all things High School behaviors: proactive steps, working backwards, the habit of procrastination, the skill of using a planner to develop a plan, and proactive communication with both teachers and parents. This week, we focused on exploring how they can use next week's break to map out a few deadlines, and especially any upcoming reading and science projects.

  • BINGO: We started class by playing BINGO, as a review of the skills we've learned so far this year, and I was impressed by their recall. :)

  • Proactive Steps: Next, we broke into groups and collectively filled out a working backwards sheet to map out deadlines and proactive steps for the coming week— especially using any potential time they have during next week's Fall Break.

  • Proactive Communication: We had a quick review on email etiquette from last week, and then explored the value of student-lead family meetings. The students then presented to each other the email projects they worked on at our last class.

Home Habit: This week's goal is to host a Family Meeting to improve proactive communication. Additionally, to take responsibility for telling parents what is coming up, grade goals, and future goals/plans. One example is the tools they will need for the science project!

Thursday After-School Leadership (6th/7th grade)

I'm so proud of these boys, as they have been working very hard to not only exercise their Leadership skills, but on class behavior too! They are making incredible strides. We had such a fun class working on their Thanksgiving dining skills, and I'm so excited for them to share what they are learning with you!

  • Table Setting Review: We started class by reviewing the dining basics we covered last class, and had a little competition over what they remember, which lead to an intense & exciting playoff of rochambeau.

  • Styles of Dining: Next, we worked on etiquettes for dining in courses: toasting, bread, soup, and American & Continental styles of dining.

  • Conversations: Finally, we brushed up on the the skills of curiosity as we learn from others—especially the adults in our lives.

Home Habit: This week, the boys are challenged to connect with family and friends in a deeper way. I loved learning about who will be at your Thanksgiving table, and watching them explore what they can learn from them... even their parents. Have patience with them as they put effort towards the skill. Teen boys demonstrating curiosity looks different than it does with an adult. :) There are a lot of nerves involved, and even with parents!

Wishing everyone an amazing Thanksgiving full of gratitude, friends, food, and curious conversations! I will see all of our students in 2-3 weeks! Gobble Gobble!

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1 Comment

Angela Varney
Angela Varney
Nov 18, 2022

Thank you so much! This is helpful and nice to have everything in one spot. Appreciate all the help getting them prepped for high school!

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