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Junior High Leadership Academy POWER Planner

Junior High Leadership Academy POWER Planner

We are excited to announce the launch of the Leadership Academy POWER Planner, designed to help Junior High students gain important ACADEMIC + SOCIAL Confidences!  Let's be honest, Junior High might be the most personally- and socially-awkward time in a student's life. This PLANNER is designed to be different, and to provide key skills to help 6th - 8th graders to navigate this challenging season. What makes our PLANNER different from others (aside from all of the age-appropriate organizational tools), is the addition of quick and easy POWER SKILL QR Code Videos.



  • Personal Values Exercise
  • 15 Months At-A-Glance
  • Week Views
  • Weekly Working Backward Worksheet
  • Daily Scheduling
  • Daily Proactive Step Check-off
  • After-School Commitment Checks
  • Weekend Planning
  • Family Communication
  • GPA % Tracking



August: Academic Goals + Identity

September: Organization + Time Management

October: Non-Verbal Communication

November: Dining Etiquette

December: Conversations with Adults

January: Screen Time + Digital Communication with Adults (Email + Texting)

February: Digital Communication with Peers + Social Media

March: Friendship + Drama Cycle

April: Family Trust + Communication

May: Etiquette of Public Places

June: Summer Goals

July: Summer Goals



August: Academic Goals + Identity

September: Organization + Time Management

October: Communication with Teachers + Parents

November: Tests, Note-Taking + Long-term Projects

December: Informational Interviews

January: Forecasting

February: Extra-Curricular Exploration 

March: High Schools Terms + Grading

April: Family Trust

May: Friendships + Social Events/Formals

June: Summer Jobs

July: Summer Goals

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