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Leadership in-a-box | Money | ages 7-12

Leadership in-a-box | Money | ages 7-12

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This box will help your child to learn the value of money, and to think about creative ways to make it. Summer is the perfect time to make a plan and set goals. 


    Each box comes with 5 quick & easy videos, as well as hands-on activities to help explore the value of money (saving, spending, and giving), to build financial confidence, and to explore the ways tweens can make money over the summer. These POWER SKILLS will also provide a roadmap for future savings and goal-setting. 

    Skills Covered

    POWER SKILL ONE: Value of Money

    POWER SKILL TWO: Saving, Spending, & Giving

    POWER SKILL THREE: Resumé Building 

    POWER SKILL FOUR: DIY Summer Job Flyer | Communicating Value

    POWER SKILL FIVE: Vision board | Piggy Bank

    What's in the Box

    5 quick & easy videos to bring the skills to life | workbook | ballpoint pen | color markers | play money | resumé kit | summer job flyer kit | piggy bank | magazine | decoupage




    FREE shipping included

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