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HS Prep Weekly POWER Skill: Trust Funds

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

With only four weeks of High School Prep remaining for our 8th graders -- man, I'm really going to miss this class -- we enter into the final phase of the curriculum: High School Social. In this phase we explore social circles, academic & social pressure, etiquette for formal dances and summer jobs. To help lay the foundation for social freedom and responsibility, we start with building TRUST!

Today's POWER SKILL was: Trust Funds.

Thinking of the way we build relationships with the adults in our lives like we would invest in "fund" or bank account. We make deposits and withdrawals. But rather than depositing or withdrawing money, we are banking actions. Action that helps build trust with teachers, coaches and YOU their parents. The investment of banking trust is very important for teens -- especially high schoolers -- as when the adults in their lives trust them, they are given more responsibility, opportunity and grace. These opportunities are essential to building skill or even line items on a resume or college application.

This is how we put the Power Skill into Action:

We introduced the skill by using simple banking transactions to help bring it to life. Deposits & Withdrawals

Next we broke into three groups where the students worked together using our Mindy Lockard Leadership Behavior Barometer identifying the Bad, Good and Best ways they can build trust with 1. Parents, 2. Coaches and 3. Teachers. Keeping in mind that Bad behaviors are "withdrawals", Good Behaviors "Small Deposits" and Best Behaviors "Greatest Deposits".

The goal with building a TRUST Fund is not to avoid making withdrawals (mistakes or error) because withdrawals are where lessons are learned, but to have enough trust built up to cover them when a withdrawal ie: lapse of judgement happens. Or, in the case that the account becomes overdrawn (lol) it gives teens direction for action (and hope) to rebuild! That darn frontal lobe.

After each group presented their Adult Focus, each student used our Trust Fund Worksheet to explore "Best Trust Building" actions and "Why" that action builds trust. Reminding them that "so they don't get mad" isn't a why. Ha!


Trust Building Action Why?

Teacher: Raising my hand in class Shows I'm paying attention

Coach: Come early to practice to work Shows I respect their time and

willing to give my own to get better

Parents: Do something the first time I'm asked Shows I respect my parents feelings

Let's look at the science... studies show that 15% of a reason a person gets a job, keeps a job or advances in a job is related to technical skills and job knowledge, 85% of a persons future success is directly related to their people skills. Trust building actions directly contribute to that 85%. and we aren't just talking "JOBS" it helps with grade recovery, playing time, reference writing, scholarship nominations and getting to stay out a little later on Saturday night.

So Moms and Dads, I'm going to get you involved this week!

Home Habit (not home work 😉): This week the students are challenged to host a family meeting (parents and student). It's the students responsibility to find a time, communicate time and location and to have agenda items ready to discuss. For this class they are to ask parents "What Builds Trust" for YOUR FAMILY as each family has different priorities and items that build trust. For example in our house, outside of general respect and doing what you say you are going to do -- and it might sound so basic --but Trust is built for ME when my girls wipe down the Kitchen Counter without me asking. It's my absolute favorite... I'm a simple person folks.😆 So be thinking about what is important to you: curfew communication, sharing about school, doing chores without being asked, picking up after a dog or wiping down the kitchen counter.

As always please don't hesitate to reach out with questions! Happy to connect.

Fall Registration is open for High School Prep at Lake Oswego Jr High, Riverdale & OLL & West Hills Christian click here for more information! If you have a school that might be interested feel free to reach out directly through the contact button or drop a note in the comment section with your email!

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