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Welcome—Come be INSPIRED!

Welcome to Mindy Lockard Leadership's new home on the web. In an addition to an exciting rebrand of this space, I am also launching my new blog, The Lab. The blog is designed to be a place where we dig deep into ourselves, unlocking key social habits and exploring what it means to fully embrace the person we were created to be. The Lab will not only be a resource for building social confidence, but a window into the world of Mindy Lockard Leadership. An inside view into the daily work I am doing with teens, college students, and professionals. This place will serve as a platform for engaging with those near and far who are interested in expanding their own journeys—together, building a community where we gain resources and spark inspiration.

What you can expect...

• weekly updates for my Leadership, LeadHERship, and High School Prep classes

• tips & tricks for building social confidence

• research and findings related to career, social confidence, time management, future

mapping, and developing healthy interpersonal habits

Thank you for popping by! Don't forget to subscribe, and please come back soon.

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